Hamas Bulldozes UNESCO Heritage Site For Terrorist Training Camp; UN Yawns


Today Hamas announced that it will be bulldozing part of a 3,000 year-old seaport to expand its terrorist training facilities in Gaza. 

UNESCO -- the UN agency in charge of protecting global cultural artifacts -- named the seaport an "international heritage" site in 2012. Now UNESCO has gone mute. The organization's silence is particularly revealing considering its recent forays into highly contentious political disputes in the area. 

Hillel Neuer at UN Watch: “UNESCO’s admission of Palestine as a member state in 2011, which caused the organization to lose almost a quarter of its budget when the U.S. suspended its contributions, was justified as a measure to help protect world heritage sites in Palestinian areas,” the letter said. “Yet as Hamas turns a cultural heritage site into a terrorist training ground — the antithesis of culture — the silence of UNESCO now places the very credibility of the organization at stake.”