In The Quest For Peace, You Can't Ignore Hamas


Check out my latest piece in the Times of Israel, which addresses the one issue that seemed to fall below the radar last week in the midst of Senator Kerry's visit to the Middle East: 

For much of the international community – now awash in talk about the prospects for renewed negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians – Hamas’ latest assault on the foundations for peace has largely inspired a collective yawn.

Maybe this is because Hamas’ imposition of it’s extremist ideology on the people of Gaza has been so oppressive, systematic and sustained over the past six years that another act of tyranny is nothing out of the ordinary. Women in Gaza are jailed for riding bicycles and leaving their homes without a veil. Children are fed hatred of Israel and virulent anti-Semitism from the cradle. Palestinian schools are cynically used to fire rockets at Israel.

In its present form, the environment of Gaza is more likely to produce a new species of polar bear than an outbreak of peace."